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Horse Riding Holidays & Vacations

Riding holidays has an exciting variety of riding vacations / holidays and tours, including African safaris on horseback, trail riding in the Americas, Eastern and Western Europe and Asia. For those that love adventure, beach riding holidays are not to be missed either. Plus, there are cattle drive and 'dude ranch' vacations for the budding cowboy.

Equestrian Holidays

Equestrian Riding Holidays vary from ranch, estancia or inn based rides to inn-to-inn (or tents in the case of African and wilderness adventures) equestrian riding holiday tours where you can end up covering a lot of ground on horse back and see some truly wonderful scenery. From the open savanna to gently rolling countryside to the expanses of some of the best horse riding beaches in the world, the choice is yours.

Horse Riding Adventures with Safety in Mind

Safety should be the key concern with riding holidays and you need to find out as much as possible about the trip before making a reservation. We recommend booking through a riding specialist tour operator who will have the knowledge and experience to provide detailed impartial advice. Booking through a licensed agent will also ensure that any money you pay for your holiday is protected.

Carefully Selected Horses

Whether you want to ride the mountains of New Zealand on a horseback riding expedition, expand your dressage skills in Portugal or canter with zebra on an African safari, your specialist horse riding company will ensure that you are mounted on a well tried, tested and proven horse, and you will enjoy a horse riding holiday that itself has been carefully planned and tested.

Horse Riding Training Holidays

On the other hand, if you feel that you need to brush up your horse riding skills before taking the plunge on a long trail ride, there are plenty of residential horse riding 'improvement courses' at equestrian centers.

The Different Types of Horses You Will Meet

Riding holidays are about experiencing a variety of horses, tack and training styles, which may be quite different to those you experience at home. On Riding holidays, and ranch vacations the horses you ride are often working horses, the horses of cattle workers & cowboys, & ranch owners.

The breed names you could meet ring the bells of horse history, the Quarter Horse, Arabian, Thoroughbred, Irish Hunter, Connemara, Lipizzaner, Icelandic, Akhal Teke,  French trotter, Lusitano, Andalucian, Paso Peruvian, Trakehner, Criollo and so on.

Although you will experience differences in the style of riding, tack, methods of training and size of horse; the quality of the horses and horsemanship should be comparable to the level you would expect at home. In many countries the terrain is suitable for the horses to be kept barefoot; while in others the horses will be shod.

Horseback Riding Trips - How to Choose

As mentioned above your tour operator or travel agent should accurately describe the level of experience you need to enjoy a specific ride, the type of tack and riding style you will encounter and descriptions of the natural conditions you are likely to come across. There are plenty of holidays around the world for all levels of rider, from experienced riders who are confident riding forward going horses at speed over variable terrain to novice riders or those who have never ridden before.

As you would expect, some horseback riding holiday locations have rides that can accommodate a wide variety of riding experience while others are only appropriate for specific levels of rider. For those looking to improve their equestrian skills, learning centers centre cater for beginners and advanced riders alike. Often, beside the tuition, these horse riding centres also offer endurance rides, mountain rides and trail rides.

Your Mount Carefully Selected

Your tour operator should take the time to carefully advise you to ensure that you get to the right ride for your level of experience and fitness. A good tour operator will cater for the experienced rider and the novice.

Whatever your skill level, there is the right riding holiday for you.

Food and Accommodation

The heart of any horse riding vacation is of course the quality of the horses and horseback riding standard, however, the accommodation and food and drink are also of great importance, be it in a tent under a starlit sky, or the sophisticated accommodation of top country hotels and exclusive lodges. Whatever holiday you choose, you will find the meals, whether prepared in the open on camp fires or at elegant four star restaurants, simply marvelous marvellous and totally in keeping with the spirit of your horseback riding vacation.

How Adventurous Do You Want to Be?

Riding holidays are also all about adventure filled environments rich in history, natural beauty, wildlife and cultural realities not encountered in our everyday world. Some of these environments are quite luxurious while others require a flexible approach and an attitude of openness to ensure you get the most out of them.

There is a huge variety of horse holidays, from high mountain horse riding in Ecuador, Chile and the Rocky Mountains of Canada, to the beaches of Andalucia or the open Puszta of Hungary. Other forms of horse riding adventure vacations include trips to Ireland, Spain and Turkey, Italian rides in Tuscany, East and West Europe, and the south of France. You could also try horse riding in Iceland, Russia or Sweden, in the great American West, the African wilderness, South Africa or Mongolia, Tibet, New Zealand or Australia the list just goes on and on.

Whatever Your Choice of Horse Riding Holiday

Ridingholidays.com aims to provide you with the widest possible range of information on horse riding holidays around the world. We continually update the site to ensure the data we publish is as accurate and comprehensive as possible.

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This is probably the most comprehensive, informative and up to date information there is at present on riding holidays on this globe!  Carl Schwinges - Riding The Cape, South Africa